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Digital Learning App Mera Sabaq Will Improve Literacy Rate

Digital learning methods have eased the plight of underprivileged children.

Specially produced Today and 3D animated videos, quizzes, games and exercises made education interesting. More than 2,000 schools across the country, including Karachi, have started primary schooling through Digital learning methods introduced by Pakistani youth.

More than 300,000 children have benefited from digital learning so far. According to Hassan bin Rizwan, co-founder of Mera Sabaq Learning System, literacy can be enhanced on a sustainable basis by improving the primary education system in Pakistan.

Children drop out of school at the primary level, which is one of the main reasons why the curriculum is not interesting and the traditional way of teaching.

Given these challenges, Hassan bin Rizwan, a graduate in business administration, including engineering, electrical and computer science, founded Mera Sabaq in 2016, whose mission was to make primary education in Pakistan interesting and effective through digital learning solutions. Schools that do not have the resources can be helped to attract children to education through specially designed learning products.

Mera Sabaq team has successfully developed their e-learning products in government schools, community-run. Introduced in schools and small and medium private schools. Most of the products are free while the rest of the products are also low priced.

“Mera Sabaq” also made the teaching process easier for teachers

My lesson makes the teaching process easy and efficient not only for children but also for teachers. Worksheets, lesson plans and electronics boxes have been specially prepared for teachers. According to Hassan bin Rizwan, electronic and digital learning.

Improves school performance in schools that do not use technology due to lack of resources or skills My lessons support such schools and increase children’s interest in learning.

There has also been a significant increase in children’s attendance in schools where electronics learning and materials developed from my lessons have been taught. Hassan bin Rizwan said that he is also developing a special application for pre-primary level children and a platform is also being set up for teachers which will provide support to teachers through worksheets, lesson plans.

USAID funded “Mera Sabaq”

Recognizing the importance of “Mera Sabaq”, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) also provided financial support to My Lesson, a five-year USAID program.

The Medium Enterprise Activity (SMEA) Challenge Fund aims to increase employment and income generation opportunities by supporting small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs in Pakistan.

US assistance for growth helps to increase competitiveness, increase sales and exports, increase market access, adopt new technologies, and increase employment opportunities.

There are 2 programs of InnovativeGrand and SME Growth Grants

USAID is running two programs called Innovative Grand and SME Growth Grants in which registered local businesses, non-profit organizations and individual entrepreneurs can participate.

As a result of the first round of this grant, Pakistan I will create 500 full-time jobs while the government will get revenue of 33 3.3 million and exports from Pakistan will increase to 28 2.85 million.

Mera Sabaq is to promote various new business ideas with US support and Pakistan. I also helped accelerate the development process in the field of technology.

Online education was provided in 100 schools in Corona epidemic through the “Mera Sabaq” application

Hassan bin Rizwan, co-founder of e-learning solutions “Mera Sabaq”, said that during the Corona epidemic, where teaching was affected, My Lesson shared with the Sindh government “Mera Sabaq” in 100 schools in Sindh. Provided online education to the children through the application so that they could continue their education due to Corona.


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