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Drone Systems Will Be Able To Work Like Human Brain

The impact of technology is happening everywhere in the world. Like other sectors, legal organizations are also trying to use technology in their work. These organizations use drone systems to keep an eye on a large group of people, which has also proved to be quite successful. There is only one drawback in this drone system and that is that being a machine, drones do not understand which movement of a person is normal and which is abnormal. Some scientists have also found a solution to this problem. He is putting such a surveillance system in these drone systems which will be able to work like a human brain. Let’s know what is this technology… 

Whose brainchild is this ‘mind’ 

Barno University of Technology and the Czech Republic’s police are doing this effort to further simplify the work of the police and make drones even better. Under one of their joint research programs, the scientists of this university have created such a surveillance system, which will psychoanalyze the footage of the drone in the same way as a human brain does. In this way, these drones themselves will be able to understand whose behavior is suspicious and whose behavior is not. 

How will these drones work? 

This surveillance system will understand the data with the help of neural network. David Bazout, a graduate student in the Department of Information Technology of this university, told about this technology, who has worked on this system. David says the drone will split the footage into smaller ‘cells’ and then the system will analyze it to try to understand what’s happening in that situation. The system will then develop a model of what would be normal behavior in that situation and then notify its reviewer if it finds any abnormality. The system will also be able to set its own sensitivity level. 

Where it will be used 

Drones with this surveillance system can be used for surveillance and tracking people as well as controlling traffic. During many of its trial tests, this system was used on a football pitch, where suddenly some players were asked to lie down. As soon as this happened, the drone immediately reported it to the reviewer. One of its main advantages is that this system works only in real time, which will significantly reduce the time taken for the police response.


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