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Scientists Developed An Electric Eye For Blind People

Artificial vision is close to reality. Scientists have developed an electric eye designed for microbots, which can also help blind people.

Researchers at Georgia State University have developed a device using a vertical stacking system that will work on micro-surfaces.

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The team of researchers, led by Sedong Lee, an assistant professor of physics, aimed to create a micro-scale camera that could act as the eyes of small robots and access places as far as humans and large robots.

The team says that in the future, the same technology could be used to improve eyesight in blind people or to improve color perception in color blind people.

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The device uses synthetic methods to mimic biochemical processes that allow humans to see, a step towards a micro-scale robotic camera.

According to Professor Lee, it gives a better sense of color than older generation devices and is the most important function of vision.


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