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Elon Musk’s Priority Is His Humanoid Robot

The businessman said the Tesla Bot unveiled last year would be his biggest project. A statement that falls well to forget the delays in the production of its cars.

Elon Musk speaks again opportunely of the Tesla Bot, this humanoid robot project presented in 2021. This would be his main objective.

“I think the biggest product development we’re doing this year is actually the humanoid robot Optimus ,” he said on a Tesla corporate earnings conference call. He said this when asked about the release schedule for his vehicles.

Tesla won’t release a new car in 2022

It will have escaped no one that it is interesting for Musk to talk about this robot, as it encounters production difficulties and the deadlines for the Roadster, Semi and Cybertruck models are pushed back. Tesla will indeed not release a new car this year . A strategy of diversion in a way.

Elon Musk also specified that the potential of the robot would be greater than the automobile activity. However, he himself recognizes that all of this remains speculative and that it is a long-term adventure. It must be said that he has set the bar very high since he wants this machine to be able to perform boring, dangerous or painful tasks instead of humans.

We will at least have learned on this occasion that the Tesla Bot now has the nickname Optimus. He could start by moving parts to Tesla factories. 

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