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Everything Inside Earth Will Start Moving If Its Rotation Stops

According to scientists, the earth revolves around the sun at a speed of 1670 kilometers per hour, but we do not feel this speed.

Scientists have also studied the effects that the Earth could have on the Earth and its inhabitants if it suddenly stopped or stopped rotating.

1- According to experts, some of these effects can be like this.

If this rotation suddenly ceases, everything inside the earth will begin to move.

The lava in the earth’s crust will begin to boil and push out of the earth’s surface, causing earthquakes.

2- If the earth loses its rotation, then the axis of the moon will also start getting smaller and with time it will start getting closer to the earth and there will come a time when it will hit the earth.

3- There is day and night inside the earth and the change of seasons is possible only because of its rotation. If the rotation of the earth stops, then the change of weather will also stop. The part of the earth which is in front of the sun is very hot and It will be very cold.

4- If the rotation of the earth stops, it will also release the water in the sea, which will create big waves.

These waves could cause a tsunami and submerge the entire land.


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