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Extinction of Humanity Has Begun: Scientists

Evolutionary biologist Henry Gee is confident that literally in the next 30 years, the population on our planet will peak and then begin to decline rapidly, Scientific American reports .

In the 1960s, population growth exaggerated the 2% mark, which was incredibly high. But in just 50 years, there is no more talk of overpopulation of the planet.

Experts predict that the population will soon begin to decline sharply, and by the end of the century there will be far fewer people on the planet than today. In many countries, a low birth rate is already recorded. At the same time, mortality rates are only increasing.

Ji said that modern man has existed for 315 thousand years, but all this time people are on the verge of extinction due to the fact that the species is small in number. In addition, representatives of Homo sapiens are too similar, there is no genetic diversity, so it will be much more difficult for them to survive.

The expert also added that in recent years, human sperm has become much worse, which provoked a drop in the birth rate. Additionally, this is influenced by numerous stressful situations, poor ecology. The economic factor also plays an equally important role.

The world is trying to achieve significant economic growth, but it is very difficult to do this if there are not enough resources. Today, people are forced to work too hard to achieve the standard of living that was characteristic of the previous generation. That is why the birth of children is delayed as long as possible, but over time, fertility decreases, and many couples remain, as a result, childless.

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