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FAANG: Most Searched Word On Google

Many times people search for a thing so much that it comes in the top list in Google search. The “Year in Search” report shows that during the corona epidemic, the corona virus has been at the top of the search list worldwide, but when suddenly the search for a word sees a 5000% increase, then again It should be understood that this is definitely something special, let’s know what is it that the whole world wants to know and the most searched word on Google.

With the increasing trend of the stock market in the country and the world, people have also become more inclined towards it. The word ‘FAANG stock’ saw a breakout in some of the trending words on Google amid the global lockdown in 2020.

According to Google, a breakout means a more than 5000 percent increase in searches for a word. The popularity of FAANG was so high that people all over the world, especially those in Asia, wanted to know it the most. FAANG is made up of the most primitive listed companies in the US and also the most popular in terms of investor interest. Also read: Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: What is the matter, now you can also record and upload the national anthem, here is the online method


Recently FAANG stocks have become very popular and it is everyone’s choice. FAANG stocks are used to define the stocks of the five most important and leading companies. faang F
F– Facebook
A– Amazon
A– Apple
N– Netflix (Netflix)
G– Google (now known as Alphabet Inc.)

The term FAANG was first used in 2013 by Mad Money Jim Kramer on his show on CNBC. Kramer initially used the term FANG, but as Apple grew in popularity another ‘A’ was added and it changed from FANG to FAANG. Also read: Samsung Galaxy F62 is falling heavily on Redmi’s 108MP camera phone because of this, see details


In the lockdown imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic last year, people were dependent on online platforms for both work and entertainment. At that time, the popularity of these platforms saw a rapid jump. Demand for OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix (Netflix) increased. People were also spending more and more time on Google and Facebook. Due to this there was a huge boom in these shares and increasing number of investors started buying shares of the companies


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