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Facebook Announces Plans to Make Money From Videos

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced the world’s largest social networking site and Instagram’s largest video-making project to date.

Mark Zuckerberg said in his Facebook post that he was working on new rules of monetization, including providing maximum opportunities for content creators to make money on Instagram and Facebook.

He said in his post that his company is working on plans to create new money making opportunities for creators and will soon introduce features that will help people start making money.

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He said that soon Instagram users will be allowed to share their releases ie short videos on Facebook while they will also be allowed to monetize both Facebook and Instagram simultaneously.

According to him, the project to make money through rails is being started immediately in the United States and the users there whose short videos have been viewed a million times and who have made only a few videos, Can apply for monetization.

He also announced several other projects that would enable content creators to make money in the future.

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Facebook Stars: Under the scheme, content creators on Facebook will be paid for live and video on demand (VOD) in addition to reels.

Creator Marketplace: Under this feature, a new feature will be introduced in Facebook, in which businesses and content creators will be able to partner with each other, ie to deal with promotional videos for a fee.

Under this feature, Instagram will offer the services of famous content creators to business people while content creators will be given company suggestions.


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