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Facebook Announces To Abolish Face Recognition Feature

Leading social networking site Facebook has announced the abolition of the face recognition system and the deletion of billions of fee prints.

The announcement was made by Facebook’s parent company Meta in the wake of serious privacy concerns over the scandalous social media network.

The announcement comes at a time when the tech giant is facing its worst-ever crisis, while reporters, lawmakers and US regulators are urging insiders, according to the French news agency AFP. Documents have also been leaked.

Facebook’s parent company Meta said in a statement: “There are many concerns about the place of facial recognition technology in society, and regulators are still working to legislate to regulate its use. ‘

“We believe it is appropriate to limit the use of facial recognition during this period of uncertainty,” the company added.

The decision will result in the elimination of a Facebook feature that automatically identifies people who appear in users’ digital photos, and this feature was the basis for building a vast, global library of faces.

The statement added that the closure of the system would result in the deletion of “individual face recognition templates of more than one billion people”.

It may be recalled that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of his company from Facebook Inc. to Meta Inc. on October 28.

Social network founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that it is the new name of Facebook’s parent company.

After this change, Facebook site or app is no longer the center of this company but has become a sub-branch like Instagram and WhatsApp but the name of the social network will remain Facebook.


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