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Facebook Bans Accounts Misleading COVID Content

Since the beginning of the Corona virus epidemic, Facebook has taken a strong stand against misleading and false content and deleted millions of posts.

The company has so far banned how many accounts, groups and pages from posting misleading covid-related details.

According to Facebook, more than 3,000 accounts, groups and pages that violate the rules of its platform have been blocked so far.

The figures in the report released by Facebook seem quite low because the company itself has said that so far more than 20 million misleading content related to vaccines and epidemics have been deleted, while more than 190 million warning labels. Was added from the onset of the Corona epidemic until June 2021.

But that low number corresponds to the results of a recent study that found that very few people (only 12) are responsible for spreading lies about vaccines on social media.

Referring to the report, Monica Beckett, Facebook’s vice president of content policy, said the company was constantly improving its policies and had so far removed 65 types of misleading content related to vaccines.

He also said that ‘coded language’ is used by some groups so that they do not get caught by the company and this is a challenge.

According to Facebook, more than 36 banned groups and pages were ‘super spreaders’ for spreading misleading content.

The company added that it has taken further action against these groups, pages or accounts.

According to the report, other penalties were also applied to accounts linked to 12 individuals and to more than 2 dozen groups and pages, such as lowering their posts on the newsfeed so that fewer people could see them or recommend others. ۔

The report goes on to say that we also applied penalties to some website domains so that any content from those websites could be shown far below the news feed.


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