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Facebook Changes Home Feed On User Demand

The world’s largest social website Facebook has announced the introduction of two different home feeds in a major overhaul to capture the attention of new users.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shared a screenshot of the home feed in his video post, saying that the website is changing the home feed based on popular demand, allowing users to share their favorites with their friends and close relatives. You will be able to get secure access to the information on the pages.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, from now on, two feeds are being introduced on the Facebook application, one of which users will see only personal content, while the other feeds will have more features like short videos or reels.

In this regard, Associated Press (AP) said that under the mentioned feature, users will see a new option on the application, under which they will be able to go to the home feed of their choice.

Users will see options like personal and professional home feeds in the option and users will be able to navigate to any of the home pages as they wish and then leave as they wish.

For the above feature, users will also see a shortcut bar on the application or website and can go to their favorite home feed from there.

Initially, the above-mentioned feature will be introduced on the mobile application and later on the website as well.

Users will be given sequential access to the new feature, this feature has been started in other countries including the US.

The change to the Home Feeds feature will be one of the biggest changes Facebook has seen in a while, as the social website previously gave access to most broadcasters and pages on the Home Feed and reduced content from friends and family.

Recently, Facebook also announced another feature, which is being described as the biggest and most important feature of Facebook so far.

Facebook recently announced that it will soon allow users to create at least 5 Facebook profiles or accounts with their real names.

As of now a person is only eligible to create one account under his real name, however a person can create multiple accounts under fake and assumed names.


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