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Facebook Data Leaked Or Not: Know Here

Today, people in every corner of the globe, big or small, are using Facebook. This is a platform where communication from one end of the world to the other is very easy.

The platform also allows the business industry to sell its products or run a full-fledged business, but is subject to certain rules and regulations.

That is to say, there will be all kinds of good and bad people here, so if your Facebook account is hacked or your data is leaked from here, how will you know?

If you also want to know if your data has been hacked or not it can be found through the following method? Visit the Have I been pawned website.

You will get an input box. Enter your number in international format here.

If you receive a ‘good news’ message then there is good news for you which means that your number is not included in the Facebook data leak numbers but if you receive a ‘oh no’ message then understand Your ID and number have been hacked.


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