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Facebook Is Not Deleting Fake Posts Regarding Corona

There are million of posts on social media everyday, some of which are fake and some are also true. Removing fake posts is a very difficult task for social media companies, although companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have developed some tools for this.

There have been many such posts on Facebook which claim that the corona virus has been developed in the lab itself. Previously Facebook used to delete such posts but now Facebook has changed its policy and refused to delete such posts claiming that the corona virus is man-made.

The Hill has quoted this report from a Facebook spokesperson. A Facebook spokesperson from The Hill said that after the ongoing investigation and opinion of experts on the origin of Corona, we have decided not to ban it.

Now we will not delete any such post in which it is being said that Corona has originated from the lab. The spokesperson also said that we are constantly talking to health experts about the epidemic and making changes in our policy.

Let me tell you that before this, Facebook considered the post originating in Corona’s lab and deleted it.

Let me tell you that in December last year, Facebook said that it will remove all the news or posts from its platform which contain wrong information about the vaccine.

Recently, reports of the genesis of Corona’s lab were revealed, after which US President Joe Biden also asked intelligence agencies to find out as soon as possible where and how the corona virus originated.

The former head of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also said that all the evidence so far is indicating that Covid-19 was generated in a lab in Wuhan, China, because so far It has not been confirmed how the virus passed from animal to human.


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