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Facebook Introduces Audio Rooms Like Clubhouse

Facebook announced in April 2021 that it was launching its own service Audio Rooms in comparison to the recently popular audio chats such as Clubhouse.

These audio features are now offered on the world’s most popular social networking site.

The company has introduced a few other podcast streaming features along with audio rooms such as Clubhouse and will be available in the US for the first time.

Audio rooms are basically similar to clubhouses or Twitter spaces.

The chat will be streamed live in the app and room hosts will invite other people to talk.

How important this feature is to Facebook is indicated by the fact that it will be placed above the stories on the newsfeed in the app.

The new format will also allow you to buy stars with crater friendly features, so that users can earn revenue from their streams.

Facebook will rely on automation and user reports to enforce rules on the content of this new format, and Facebook audio room hosts like Clubhouse will be able to control who speaks or reports users who break the rules.

Facebook currently only allows verified public figures and critics to create audio rooms, but any Facebook user will be able to listen to their conversations.

Audio rooms will also be more prominent in Facebook groups where moderators and group admins will be able to enable audio streaming features, even if members are not verified or public figures.

In addition to audio rooms, Facebook is also launching podcasts on its platform and users will be able to listen to episodes of podcasts while browsing on Facebook.

Along with Facebook, Twitter is also testing audio chat tool spaces, while Reddit is also introducing a feature called Reddit Talk.

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