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Facebook Introduces New Online Certificate Courses

Facebook is planning a large-scale teaching program, and in this regard, the social media platform has partnered with the popular online course platform Coursera.

The first phase will introduce two new certificate courses, including Marketing Analytics and Software Development Program.

Earlier, Facebook introduced a social media marketing course that is still very popular. Facebook has said that we will provide students with technical skills that can be easily passed from one student to another. The program will depend on the speed of the learner but will last up to 20 weeks. It will have an online teacher and the course will move forward thanks to the project.

Facebook has also said that more job-help courses will be introduced, but will preferably offer courses that are in high demand. Facebook wants to reach out to people around the world who come from different backgrounds and income groups.

Earlier, Facebook had offered certification scholarships to 100,000 black students, while another 3,000 scholarships were provided in the COVID 19 epidemic. However, the COVID 19 Scholarship was offered to Facebook employees around the world.

The new course will now give priority to refugees, students from poor countries and families of ex-servicemen.

Noting the importance of the new courses, Facebook said that according to the report of the World Economic Forum 2020, by 2025, half of the world’s employees will have to learn new courses in a rapidly changing context. That’s why Facebook has launched these two major programs with Facebook Coursera.


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