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Facebook Is Ready To Start A News Platform Soon

Before the end of June 2021, Facebook is preparing to launch a new platform for news lovers.

According to Saudi magazine website, Facebook has made it clear that it will “launch a bulletin platform with a free and paid version.”

In addition, the company is initially focusing on some aspects of its customers’ favorite news, such as sports, fashion, environment and health.

The platform will open the bulletin in a separate link from the Facebook website. There are reports that the decision has been split into two.

The first is that the company wants to make the platform an independent brand, and the second is to avoid paying commissions to Apple and Google App Stores, especially for writers and publishers.

As of this writing, the company is refraining from selecting authors or publishers who are extremist with political views, so that the platform does not face any criticism at the outset.

According to experts, the company is providing a platform to benefit about 2.9 billion people.

Campbell Brown, vice president of Facebook’s global news partnership, said: “We will support journalists for at least 5 5 million and get help from them. In addition, there will be other   that they will find useful.

According to Facebook’s announcement, local news will also be included in the company’s journalism plan.

Under this platform, if you want to contact the news source or author, you will be able to subscribe to get regular content in your inbox. The platform will not work through social networks, but by simply clicking on the bulletin link and using the Facebook app, the browser will open in a separate window where you can read the news or subscribe to the newsletter.

Tech experts point out that the company is providing a platform to benefit approximately 2.9 billion people.

Facebook has offered journalists a two-year contract, with the option to leave after the first 12 months.


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