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Facebook Messenger Is An Easiest Way To Send Money

Sending money in Facebook Messenger is now much easier Facebook has made it easier to send money in messenger app.

Facebook has added QR codes to the app and personalized links for payments from Facebook Pay.

After this update, users will be able to request payment by accessing the QR code and link in Messenger settings.

According to Facebook, this feature will work even when the user pays people who are not on his Facebook friends list.

This will make it easier to send or pay money to strangers.

Apparently this is not a big update but it is very useful for buying and selling items on Facebook Marketplace, where most of the money is exchanged with Messenger.

Users will no longer have to use a third-party app to pay, but will be able to do so through Facebook Pay.

The feature is currently only available in the United States, but the company says it will be updated in other markets soon.

Messenger has added a few new features, including a quick reply bar for photos and videos, and new chat themes in customized inboxes.

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