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Facebook Mobile App Rating Drop Over Support Of Israel

Facebook’s rating on mobile app stores has dropped dramatically since the support of a page in the wake of the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Following the Israeli attack on Gaza, users from all over the world, including Pakistan, protested against the Facebook administration, after which the page was blocked, as well as pages supporting the Palestinians were blocked by the administration. ۔

According to a report, Muslims around the world are angry with the Facebook administration for removing posts and pages of Israeli atrocities on Palestine while supporting Israel.
According to reports, Android and iPhone users have lowered Facebook’s rating on the Facebook application store, after which Facebook’s rating on the Google Play Store has dropped from 4.5 to 2.5, while on the App Store it has dropped to 2.4.

On mobile app stores, users rate their favorite apps with stars, which consists of 5 stars.

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