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Facebook Reveals Special Treatment For Influential Users

Mark Zuckerberg says his social network rules apply equally to all users, but not to millions of Facebook users.

This claim was made in a new report of the Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, Facebook has a secret internal system that does not allow the rules of social networking to be applied to 5.8 million users.

The American magazine’s report goes into great detail about how influential, popular and newsworthy high-profile users are not subject to the rules they face for violating the rules.

The report, based on company documents, said a former Facebook employee said in a memo that “powerful characters” were exempt from the company.

Posts such as former US President Donald Trump, footballer Neymar Jr., US Senator Elizabeth Warren and others are covered under this secret system.

The system was called XCheck or CrossCheck and was created because of Facebook’s limited human and AI moderation process capabilities.

But the report said the secret system created other problems for the company.

When users were made part of this system, it would be more difficult for moderators to take action against them.

Neymar Jr., for example, posted a WhatsApp chat with a woman who accused him of rape on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The screenshot also included the woman’s name and inappropriate photos, after which Facebook deleted the post.

But since Neymar Jr. was covered under X-Check, the moderators were prevented from removing his content, which was viewed by 56 million people until it was deleted.

According to the documents, less than 10% of X-checks review the content.

A Facebook spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the rate increased in 2020 but did not provide evidence.

Numerous Facebook employees have the power to add to the X-Check system and include only influential profiles, but an audit report also reveals how people can be reached. It is decided to be a part of this system.

The report added that Facebook employees, including an official who led the Civic team, expressed concern over the special treatment of some users.

In another memo, one such official wrote that different people’s laws are painful for me.

Another official said that Facebook moderates the content of influential people keeping in view the political views.

Facebook also acknowledged the existence of X-checks in the Wall Street Journal report.

The company’s documents also revealed Facebook’s commitment to dismantling the system, and a product manager came up with a plan to prevent Facebook employees from being included in the X-Check.


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