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Facebook Brings She Means Business For Women In Pakistan

The social media platform ‘Facebook’ is expanding ‘She Means Business’, a women’s empowerment initiative to promote financial inclusion and growth in women-led businesses in Pakistan.

According to the Dawn newspaper, the She Means Business initiative operates in 21 countries around the world, and Facebook and its partners have trained more than 1 million women worldwide in digital skills.

The new component of the SBP and US Aid program is partnered with ‘Business Flexibility through Financial Education (BRFE)’, aimed at improving financial management skills in a women-led country. Increase the strength and resilience of small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

In her video message, SBP Deputy Governor Seema Kamil lauded the efforts of Facebook and other partners for the socio-economic advancement of women in Pakistan.

“It is important for women-led small and medium-sized businesses to gain skills and gain strength through access to finance,” she said.

He said that initiatives like BRFE would enable and strengthen Pakistani women to increase their participation in the nation building process.

“Financial education is essential for the sustainability of women-led businesses in Pakistan and anywhere in the world,” said Beth Ann Lim, global head of She Means Business.

“She Means Business is a reflection of Facebook’s commitment to supporting women’s economic advancement in the Asia-Pacific region,” she said.

In her video message, US Secretary of State Leslie Vaguerre said in a video message that the US government considers women’s economic empowerment a key component of development in Pakistan and around the world, and strongly believes that investing in women’s empowerment Can help alleviate and build poverty.

At the event, guests discussed the importance of women’s financial management expertise for ‘She’s Business’ with a focus on challenges and opportunities, and exchanged views on promoting women’s financial inclusion while overcoming existing barriers. What

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