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Facebook Introduces 2 New Video Calling Portal Devices

Facebook has Introduced 2 New Video Calling Portal Devices

For the first time since 2019, new Facebook portal devices have been introduced by Facebook.

Portal Go and the updated Portal Plus are priced at 199 199 (over 33,000 Pakistani rupees) and 349 dollars (over 59,000 Pakistani rupees), respectively.

The 10-inch Portal Go is a new portable device with a battery, while the Portal Plus has been redesigned.

Both devices will now be available in pre-order in different countries and will be delivered to consumers on October 19.

Portal Go has a wide angle camera that is capable of automatically focusing, zooming and panning people moving in the center of the frame.

Photos courtesy of Facebook
It is the first portal device that does not require electricity to operate, while Facebook will also provide a separate Bluetooth speaker.

The features of the 14-inch display Portal Plus are similar to the previous model and both have shutters to cover the camera.

These Facebook devices are primarily for video calling and have an Android-based interface with an emphasis on video calls.

There’s also a new Calendar app that can be linked to Outlook or Google.

In addition to Facebook’s own messenger and WhatsApp apps, these devices also have zoom, blue jeans and go to meeting support.

Similarly, Microsoft Teams support will be added to portal devices from December.

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