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Facebook Will Now Detect Fake Images

Facebook scientists say they have developed artificial intelligence software that will not only detect fake images (deep fakes), but also find out where they came from.

Deepfake refers to images, videos and audio clips that are modified with artificial intelligence or other means to make them look real.

According to AFP, Facebook scientists Tal Hassner and Xien Yen say their team has teamed up with Michigan State University to develop software that can detect the reality of deep fake images and Also where they are made.

In a blog, the scientists said that the fact-finding of deep-faked images and videos would help researchers and relevant people identify misinformation and open new avenues for future research. ۔

Facebook’s new software, DeepFake, passes images and videos through a network to detect flaws left in the manufacturing process, which scientists say change the ‘digital fingerprint’ of an image.

Scientists say that in digital photography, fingerprints are used to identify the digital camera from which the image was taken.

Last year, Microsoft unveiled software that could help identify deep fake photos and videos.

It should be noted that before the US presidential election, several programs were made to find out the truth about the altered images.

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