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Fastest Wireless SSD of Four Terabytes TBs

Crowdfunding has amazing tools and devices and now such a masterpiece is SSD ie External Memory with a capacity of four terabytes, data speed 2200 megabytes per second, completely wireless and completely waterproof.

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Its funding target (which was just for the first sample) was set at USD 5,000, but so far 170,000 USD has been raised, which is amazing, with two days left until the end of the funding campaign. However, if you still book it, you will have to wait for it.

Fastest Wireless SSD
Fastest Wireless SSD

It runs on charging and is fully charged in an hour. Data security encryption is very advanced, meaning that none of this data can be read if you want to. It can run on multiple devices at once and works entirely on wireless communication.

The company has named it Airmoney. It is so small and light that you can carry it in your pocket. This is especially true for women and men who have to deal with a lot of data, including videographers, data scientists and others.

Once charged, the wireless data device works for up to ten hours and can connect up to 12 large devices at the same time. So it can be easily used in conference etc.

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A terabyte is priced at USD169, while a charter byte is priced at USD 479 and is being shipped worldwide, but will begin shipping in the last week of April.


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