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Fauji Foundation Scholarship 2022

The Fuji Foundation Educational Support Scheme (FFES) provides Fauji Foundation Scholarship to the children of retired force personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force, Northern Light Infantry, Defense Services Guards, and 10 Corps Mujahideen).

This FFES Scholarship 2022 is awarded to students enrolled in Class 1 to 10, Intermediate and 4-5 year undergraduate degree programs. Scholarships are also offered to students enrolled in vocational and technical education.

FFES is the Military Foundation’s oldest educational welfare initiative. The Fuji Foundation Education Scholarship was introduced in 1954 and is awarded to thousands of students each year. The number of awards in the session 2018-19 was about 47,410 and the amount allocated was Rs. 212.556 million

For the award of scholarships, students are divided into four groups.


  • Students enrolled in Intermediate / DAE
  • Minimum 80% marks in Matric



  • Students enrolled in Cadet Colleges
  • Pre-Matric Classes


  • Students enrolled in Class 1-10

Fauji Foundation Stipend/Scholarship Calendar

Event Gp-I Gp-II Gp-III Gp-IV
Receiving of Applications at P&I Dept 1 Nov to 31 May 1 Nov to 31 May 1 Jan to 30 Jun 1 Apr to 30 Jun
Payment of Stipends Jul to Sep Jul to Sep Jul to Sep Jul to Sep

Fauji Foundation awards educational stipends as assistance to ex-service personnel and their dependents for the pursuit of education and training within Pakistan only.

a. Beneficiaries. The Term “Beneficiaries” includes the following for the grant of educational stipend: –

  1. Released, retired, and discharged personnel of the Regular Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Northern Light Infantry, Defence Services Guards, and 10 Corps Mujahids) citizens of Pakistan, AJ&K & Northern Areas who served in Armed Forces for a minimum of 10 Years.
  2. Wives and widows (unless remarried) of 1b (1) above.
  3. Sons and unmarried/divorced daughters of 1b (1) above.

Fauji Foundation Scholarship Eligibility

Students enrolled in recognized/accredited institutions meeting the following eligibility criteria can apply for the Fauji Foundation scholarship

  1. Class I onwards: –
    (a) Children of Shuhada, deceased or disabled ex-service personnel.
    (b) Special/Disabled children of ex-service personnel.
  2. Class IX onwards. Children of all normal ex-service personnel.
  3. Special/disabled children will be awarded a stipend on promotion to the next higher class, irrespective of marks obtained
  4. Students will be eligible to apply for a stipend in the classes they are studying, w.e.f the next day of SOS of their father/mother.
  5. Maximum three children of a normal ex-serviceman will be awarded stipend in a session (in addition to Disable/Special children). However, there is no restriction for the number of children in respect of Shuhada, disabled and deceased ex-servicemen).

How to apply for Fauji Foundation Scholarship

Application Forms. Stipend application forms can be obtained on cash payment of Rs.6.00 per form, from the offices of District Armed Services Board, Fauji Foundation Welfare Projects or from Fauji Foundation Head Office, 68 Tipu Road, Chaklala, Rawalpindi Cantt. Form can also be downloaded free of cost from the Fauji Foundation website

Students are required to apply every year. Please fill in all the fields neatly and in Capital letters. All fields are required. Incomplete application forms will be rejected. Please READ the instructions given in the form carefully.

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