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FDE Introduces Dress Code For Teachers

The Federal Directorate of Education FDE has asked female teachers not to wear jeans and tights, while male teachers have been banned from wearing jeans and T-shirts.

According latest news, all principals have been instructed to ensure that their teaching and non-teaching staff (men and women) ensure personal hygiene, including cutting hair, shaving, cutting nails and using perfume.

In a letter, the FDE instructed school and college principals to adhere to the dress code and ensure the personal hygiene of staff.

The letter issued by the Director Academics said, “The heads / section in-charges of all the institutions will ensure that each and every member of the staff takes care of their appearance and personal hygiene.

The letter said that the gatekeepers should be in the prescribed uniform and all the support staff should also be provided uniforms.

Explaining the dress code, the letter said that all staff, premises of institutions and government gatherings, ceremonies and meetings would ensure proper dress code.

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The letter said that all teaching staff should wear teaching gowns while teaching in class and lab coats in laboratories.

In addition, the letter said that non-teaching staff should wear clean and ironed clothes and appropriate shoes.

The letter suggested formal attire for women in which they are allowed to wear ‘appropriate, simple and decent shalwar kameez’, trousers, dupatta / shawl shirt, scarf / hijab.

In the letter, female teaching staff will not be allowed to wear jeans and tights under any circumstances while they are only allowed to wear formal shoes (pumps, loafers), comfortable shoes like shoes and sandals due to standing for a long time while teaching. You can also wear it, but you will not be allowed to wear slippers.

Winter coats, blazers, sweaters, jerseys, cardigans and shawls of decent colors and designs will be allowed.

The letter urged male staff to prefer ‘appropriate, simple and decent shalwar kameez’, wear a dress shirt (full sleeves preferably with a tie) and trousers (dress and cotton pants only) and jeans in any case. Wearing is not allowed.

According to the letter, half-sleeved dress shirts or bush shirts can also be worn during the summer, but not all types of T-shirts are allowed.

When contacted, the FDE director said the letter was issued in good faith, adding that it was the responsibility of teachers to adhere to appropriate dress codes as they were role models for students.

When asked about nail and haircuts, he said that teaching and non-teaching staff have been informed only through letters.


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