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First 3D View of Jupiter’s Atmospheric Layers

NASA’s Juno probe has a better and deeper view of Jupiter’s atmosphere. Researchers have created the first 3D view of Jupiter’s atmospheric layers, showing how its turbulent clouds and storms work in greater detail than ever before.

In particular, it is clear how storms and anticyclones behave. They are higher than expected, the Great Red Spot (an anticyclone) running at a depth of 200 miles. They are also hotter or cooler than the top in terms of their effect.

Juno helped fill in the data using a microwave radio meter, which offered to look below the surface of the clouds. For the Great Red Spot, the team populated the radiometer data with gravity signatures from two adjacent sides. The radiometer data also showed Earth-like spinning cells in the northern and southern hemispheres, not to mention ocean-like changes in microwave light.

Mysteries remain, such as the atmosphere of the Great Red Spot. At the same time, 3D images are already creating a more integrated picture of how Jupiter-like planets, like Jupiter, behave. It may not take much effort to solve more Jupiter mysteries.

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