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First Ameca Robot With Realistic Facial Expressions

A video with the first Ameca robot from the Engineered Arts company went viral . Its main feature is realistic facial expressions that very accurately copy human emotions.

According to the manufacturer, it was possible to achieve such accurate human facial expressions with the help of specially programmed artificial intelligence. Engineered Arts claims that Ameca is the most advanced humanoid to date, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

“You can use it to develop and showcase your advances in machine learning. This robot is a digital interface to the real world. ”- Engineered Arts.

Ameca hardware is a development based on research in the field of robotics. The platform uses Mesmer technology – the Engineered Arts system for creating realistic humanoid robots.

The Ameca robot can be used to attract attention, for example at events. The modular architecture allows for software and hardware upgrades.

Engineered Arts is a British designer and manufacturer of humanoid robots that are used in science centers, theme parks and factories. The company was founded by Will Jackson and at first they were engaged in various installations, but later decided to “bring” their characters to life. There are now over 100 Engineered Arts robots in use around the world.


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