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First Nobel Prize 2021 in Literature Awarded to a Tanzanian Novelist

Sweden’s Swedish Academy of Nobel Prize, the world’s highest award, has announced the awarding of the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature to Tanzanian novelist Abdul Razzaq Gurnah, 73.

Abdul Razzaq Gurnah moved to the UK in his youth and took a job there, including studying and being a professor of literature at the university.

According to the Nobel Prize website, Razzaq was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature for his eloquent account of the effects of colonial civilizations and the suffering of refugees on different continents.

Abdul Razzaq’s books of 10 novels and short stories have been published, his most famous novel ‘Paradise’ was published in 1994 while his novel ‘By the Sea’ published in 2001 focused on the problems of refugees.

Born in the colonial era, the Tanzanian novelist wrote literature in English, focusing on refugee issues, wars, poverty, and the effects of colonialism on cultures.

He is the first Tanzanian writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize. Earlier, a few writers from the African continent have also been awarded the Nobel Prize.

Last year, the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to the American woman poet Louis Gulak.

The Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded since 1901 and this year the 119th Prize has been awarded. Most of the Nobel Prizes in Literature have been awarded to writers from European countries, numbering more than 90.

Abdul Razzaq Gurnah will be awarded the Nobel Prize in December this year, he will receive about 1.1 million US dollars.

The Nobel Committee began the process of announcing this year’s prizes on October 4, with the first day of medicine, the second of October 5 of physics, and the third of October 6 of chemistry.

The Nobel Prize Committee awards prizes in a total of six categories, including literature. In addition to literature, the committee also awards prizes in the categories of physics, medicine, literature, economics and peace.

The committee awards prizes to Nobel laureates in December each year, and the award ceremony is held in Sweden, but the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held in another country, Norway.


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