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First Realme Laptop Is Coming Soon

Realme is a well-known company in terms of its smartphones, but now it is ready to offer first Realme laptop for the first time.

Madhu Seth, CEO of Realme in India and Europe, has hinted that the company is introducing the first laptop.

He posted a picture on Twitter showing a glimpse of a first Realme laptop in the bag.

He also wrote a numeric message with the post stating that this is a message for you from Realme’s new device.

The message that came up when solving these numbers code was ‘Hello World’.

The Realme official said the product would be a new addition to the technology life of semi-consumers.

Nothing is currently known about this device.

Linked to BBK Electronics, Realme is the company’s first smartphone brand to enter the computer market.

The company’s other brands include Oppo and OnePlus, but they have yet to introduce anything to the market.


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