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Google Two Factor Authentication Feature

Google Announces Two-Factor Authentication By Default

Google New Feature: Millions of Internet users use the Google search engine every day, but most of them are unaware of its many features.

There are many features of Google that are no less than a fun experience to use.

According to a conservative estimate, Google averages 63,000 per second, 2.8 million per minute, 228 million per hour, more than 5.6 billion times per day, and more than 2,000 billion times per year. Some searches are done, of which 16 to 20 percent are searches that have never been searched before.

That’s why Google is constantly working on improving search engines.

Google has now added a new shortcut to its search engine to help improve search results instantly.

When you’re searching for a topic and want to add something to the results page, click the slash ‘/’ on the keyboard instead of going to the search tab using the mouse. Doing so by Google New Feature will take you directly to the search field where you can improve your search topic by typing or find something else.

In fact, if you click any button on the search page, Google will tell you in a pop-up window that you can reach the search box by clicking on /.

When you click on /, you will see more options of Original Search Inquiry.

In fact, the search field will also show suggestions related to general searches.

This feature of Google Search is now available to all users and is intended to enable users to search for whatever they want without having to use a mouse or trackpad.


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