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Google and Microsoft Compete To Buy Cybersecurity Firm

The two major US technology giants, Google and Microsoft have competed with each other to acquire the cybersecurity firm Mandiant.

According to sources, Google is going to buy the company for 5.4 billion.

However, Google’s traditional rival, Microsoft, is also eyeing Mandiant.

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The job of this American cybersecurity company is to investigate cyber accidents and cyber security. The name of the company came into the media this year after an investigation into cyber attacks on News Corp and Nvisdia, a US company that makes computer GPUs (graphic processing units).

According to the report, Google is interested in buying this company to grow its cloud business.

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Amazon and Microsoft are also planning to invest heavily in their cybersecurity and cloud business.

Google says that if the deal with Mandiant is finalized, it will significantly increase our cloud business, which is already generating over 19 Dollars billion in annual revenue.

According to the report, Microsoft is also interested in buying the company. It has already hinted at spending 20 20 billion on cybersecurity over the next five years.

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Google has offered Mandiant USD23 per share. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

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