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Google Announces 6 New Features For Android Users

Google has announced a few new Google features for Android users.

These 6 new features will not be limited to Google’s Pixel phones but will be available for all Android devices.

This is the first time that Google has introduced such features for all Android phones at the same time.

The feature of Android Earth Quick Alerts system is now being introduced globally.

Thanks to this feature, residents of earthquake-affected areas will be sent alerts a few seconds before the quake.

The feature was previously available in New Zealand and Greece, but will now be available in Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

Google says it is giving priority to countries where the risk of earthquakes is high and the feature will be available in more countries in the coming year.

The second feature is related to the Messages app, which can now be easily discovered later when a message is uploaded.

For this, any message has to be pressed and clicked on the star for a while. For this purpose, a new star category is being added and this feature will be available to the users in the coming weeks.

The third feature is called Emoji Kitchen, which will be available in G-Board’s beta from June 16 and will be part of the Keyboard app in the coming weeks.

This feature will be available in Android 6 or higher operating systems for English, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

The fourth feature is Google Assistant, which will now take users to specific parts of the app.

The 5th feature is Voice Aces which is currently in beta.

This feature allows voice and phone navigation in phones and apps while also being able to write passwords, ie password words, numbers or symbols.

The sixth feature is related to Android Auto which will simplify the functions related to Android in vehicles.


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