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Google Announces To Restrict Older Apps On PlayStore

Google has announced that it will be restricting older applications to its Play Store.

From the beginning of November, all applications on this platform will have to maintain a two-year API level.

According to Google, each new Android version introduces changes that improve security and performance, as well as the overall Android experience.

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Google added that each app’s manifest file contains a target version of SDK (also known as the Target API level) that describes how your WAP runs on different Android versions. ۔

If the applications do not meet this level, Google will start restricting how people find and install these apps on their phones and tablets.

Many apps are already meeting that standard, and Google says the company is notifying other apps to keep up.

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As new Android versions will be launched in the future, the requirements will change accordingly.

Users who have older apps installed will be able to download them from Google Play and those with older phones will be able to run older apps.


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