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Google Plans To Convert APK Apps To New Format

Google Play has announced that new apps will be required to enter all new Android publishing formats from August onwards, called Android App Bundle (AAB).

Going forward, the AAB format will eventually replace the APK as the standard publishing format for application in the Play Store.

All new Android app bundles optimize app files for distribution across devices, depending on what language and configuration settings they support. The app is 15% smaller than a standard APK. To be able to do this, App Bundles requires that apps should not exceed 150MB, thus speeding up downloads with faster installs and fewer installs.

By default, the AAB format is open source, which means other stores will be able to adopt it as well.

Founded in May 2018, the Android App Bundle is using more than 1 million apps. Some of the big names include Adobe, Doulingo, Gameloft, Netflix and Twitter. Some of the top 1000 games and related apps also run on AAB.

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