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Google Bans All Apps That Steal Private Data of Users

US technology giant Google has removed applications that steal users’ private data from the Play Store.

According to news, Google has removed dozens of apps from the Play Store that were collecting users’ personal information, including location, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, without their knowledge.

Google says we take immediate action against all apps that do not comply with our policies.

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Google recently removed six applications from the Play Store that were infected with the Shark Boot Stellar malware.

These applications, in the form of anti-virus solutions, have been downloaded more than 15,000 times. While some of these applications were downloaded more than 10 million times.

According to a Google spokesperson, the apps that have been banned for violating the policy and collecting user data include a QR code scanner, a weather forecast app, and some religious applications.

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The app allegedly contained a loss code that silently collected user data after it was installed.

Google’s DeveloperContent policy strictly prohibits the use of misleading, harmful, or personal information on any network, device, or anyone else.


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