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Google Chrome Will Allow Sharing of Passwords

In recent months, the Google Chrome developer team has paid a lot of attention to the password manager of the popular browser of the Mountain View giant and it seems that in its programs there is the introduction of an interesting new feature.

According to what was announced by Leopeva64 on Twitter , in fact, the Google Chrome team is working on a function that should allow users to send a password .

Here’s how Google Chrome’s new sharing system will work

It seems that the developers of Chromium have already added the relevant option in the three-dot menu even if, at least for the moment, nothing happens when you click.

In practice, this new functionality can be exploited through a special “send password” button which can be accessed from the menu located next to each username and password combination.

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Considering that Google Chrome already allows users to copy a password to paste it where they want, this new function should offer something more and therefore it seems almost obvious that its goal is to allow the sharing of a password with other people, all obviously with the guarantees of an encryption system.

The fact that this new feature still does not work does not allow us to make predictions on when it could be made available to all users through its implementation in a stable version of the browser but it is likely that it will be necessary to be patient for several weeks. To find out more, we just have to wait for official information from the Mountain View giant.


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