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Google In Working On Google Find My Device

Google is working on introducing a new service to help you. This new feature will be added under Find My Device only. Through this, in case of loss or theft of car and mobile phone, it will be traced. The company will add a new feature under Find My Device which will come in handy when your phone is stolen or lost. However, it will come in handy even if your car is stolen or lost. So let’s know about this new feature.

Google’s new feature is currently being made for Android only. It will not be offered for iOS devices at the moment. The Google Find My Device feature will work when looking for an Android operating system based smartphone or a car with Android Auto infotainment system. The specialty of this feature is that through this the car can also be found.

No need of internet: According to a report, this feature will have the same capability as Find my Device. Through this feature, users will be able to share the ownership of their device or car with other people. The most important thing is that through this feature a smartphone will be able to be found even when internet service is not available in the phone.

Nothing without permission to run your vehicle user under Google’s new facility will be able to login to your Google account for your new Android auto infotainment systems. This simply means that if your car is ever stolen, you will be able to track it. A thief will not be able to drive your car without your permission. However, the information about when this feature will be released is not available at the moment.

Some recent media reports have claimed that Google is working on a feature that will be similar to Apple’s ‘Find My’ network. The Find My app lets you locate devices you’re signed in to with the same Apple ID and also helps keep track of Airtags. At the same time, according to another report, the new version 21.24.13 of the Google Play Services app includes some codes – “mdm_find_device_network_description” and “mdm_find_device_network_title” – which suggest that Google is working on a new feature to monitor Android devices. being done.


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