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Google Introduces A Clear Search Feature

Most people turn to Google for anything they search on the Internet.

But whatever you search for becomes part of Google data and can be accessed at any time.

But now Google has provided a great facility in this regard.

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Google announced some interesting features for mobile search during the 2021 iOS conference.

Now one of these features is available to Android users with the help of which they can delete the last 15 minutes of search history with a few clicks.

To use it, open the Google App on the Android phone and click on the profile picture icon.

Doing so will open the Account Settings page with a new option that will allow you to delete the last 15 minutes of search history.

Google introduced this feature for iOS devices in July 2021, but it did not work for Android.

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This new feature will be available to all users in the next few weeks and it will be possible to use it in the Google search app.

It is unclear if this feature will be introduced to desktop users.

No clear announcement was made by Google during the IO conference.


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