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Google Introduces Carbon Language An Alternate To C++

The famous search engine giant and internet service provider Google has announced a new language that will be the best alternative to the popular programming language like C++ and it is called Carbon.

Google says they’ve been working on the language for a long time, and they’ve even acknowledged that people appreciated it when it was introduced to a variety of programmers.

It should be noted that Google has already developed several excellent computer programming languages, one of them is Go Long, abbreviated as Go. Go was created and popularly adopted to optimize server and distributed systems.

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In addition, Google also created another programming language, Dart, which proved to be an alternative to JavaScript, but became much more popular. could not

Now at the CPP North convention in Toronto, some experts have provided a few details of the Carbon language in slides and said it could be a much simpler alternative to the popular C# and C++ languages.

Interestingly, it was created by Android phone developers and is being touted as an immediate alternative to Objectivity Language.

Note that Microsoft also created a language called TimeScript and it was proposed to improve JavaScript, but we come back to the Carbon language, so it might be a better language to use as bidirectional.

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Experts say that the Carbon language will improve the software capability and the most important thing is that the Carbon language is fully compatible with C Plus Plus and that is why programmers writing the C Plus Plus language can easily convert to Carbon. can use Can be adopted as an alternative language.

In particular, users of this language will need to learn very little coding because its codebase is so vast that it looks like it will soon surpass Carbon’s codebase—its scripting and programming assets. It will beat C Plus Plus and C Sharp.

Among its other features, it is said that its grammar is very simple and its parameters are also very simple, so it is very easy to implement. Due to these qualities, Carbon is being seen as a very successful Google project and platform.


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