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Google Introduces Technology To Clarifies Blurred Images

So far, we’ve been able to animate simple images with the help of artificial intelligence.

Some of the images even have missing eyes and other impressions, but the Google algorithm has done it beautifully.

Google has given details of this technology and some pictorial examples in its blog. Google has a separate department of AI which is active in many fields.

This new technology has been dubbed the High Fidelity Image Generation Using Diffusion Model, which allows the old and grainy images of the family to be completely new.

The same technology can also be used to visualize CCTV videos and images, while increasing the quality of medical imaging can go a long way in identifying the disease and saving patients’ lives.

The diffusion model clears the picture in just a few seconds.

According to Google, this technology uses artificial intelligence to reduce noise (ie grains) from images, while AI tells how the components of the image will be formed and thus a clear image emerges.

Google has dubbed it Super Resolution by Repeated Refinement, which stands for SR3.

Thanks to this, it is surprising to see altered images because the altered images become much clearer than the original, sometimes the hard-to-recognize faces become very clear.


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