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Google Introduced a Job Interview App

If you’ve ever had a job interview, Google has come up with a way to prepare for it. Google has dubbed it Interview Warm Up, a software that interviews you, but all its questions are based on facts and are based on the views of human resource experts.

Behind this tool is machine learning and artificial intelligence AI and it interviews you in machine language. Currently, only the Google Career Certificates section is included in it, which includes interviews for courses like e-commerce, user interface, IT management as well as general job interviews.

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When you visit the website, a drop-down list appears, from which you can choose your skills and field of employment.

Introducing this tool, Google has said that the field of interviews can be very important and difficult. If your friends, family, and other experts can’t help it, that’s why we offer an interview warm-up or practice platform.

The questions are asked by experts and manpower officers in the relevant fields and machine learning is explained in the form of interviews. Under this, you can not only give interviews at home but also improve your skills.

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The interesting thing about this tool is that as your reply, its text file is created instantly. You can read this later to know which question has been answered.

Google hopes that this will benefit candidates around the world.



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