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Google Message To Get WhatsApp Like Features

Google is constantly updating its Messenger app, Google Messages with new features. In the coming days, many such features are coming in Google Message which are in the big and popular instant messaging app like WhatsApp.

The information about the upcoming feature of Google Message app has been obtained from the code of Google Play-Store. There are two big features coming in the app, the first is to pin a chat and the second to give a message to a star. Let us know that earlier in November last year, Google had released end to end encryption for the message app.

XDA developers have received the code of the APK file of the app, which has given information about the upcoming features. The report says that these two features will be found in the update version number 8.1.050 of Google Message, although Google has not yet given any official information about both these features.

Google is currently testing both these features. You will be able to pin three chats just like WhatsApp after the new update. After pinning, those chats will always be visible at the top, although it is also possible that during the launch, Google may also change the number of chats pinning.

Apart from pin chat, users will also get the option to mark any chat as star. If a user finds a message important, then he can mark it with a star. All the messages marked with a star will appear in a separate section.

Earlier, Google has released an update for Android messaging app Google Message, after which the messages will be divided into categories. For example, all the messages with OTP will appear in one place and one in the transaction. This feature was first released by Samsung. After that the feature came in iOS 14.



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