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Google Announces New Search Algorithm

Google has announced that it is making major changes to its search engine, algorithms and keywords. That’s why digital content managers and SEO experts will be keeping a close eye on their website rankings and other issues for the next several weeks.

Google has officially introduced new algorithms and protocols under Core Search. This can make a difference in the ranking of a popular website. On May 25, the Google Search Blog stated that we announce the Google Search Cover several times a year and have been implementing it since May 26.

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Google has not provided any further details in this regard but Google keeps changing its protocol whenever external attempts are made to hack Google’s system or influence its search engine.

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Google has said in its post that many times a year we improve our ranking process. This process is called core updates. These changes are made under the changing circumstances of the web. However, website owners will be able to see the difference clearly.

Google has said that the cover update does not target specific pages or websites. Google has said that after the last weeks of May, the next several weeks will have a clear effect.


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