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Google Offers Chrome Users to Update App to Avoid Hackers

Google has released a new version of its Chrome browser that fixes more than 30 bugs that hackers can exploit in operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux.

The newer version of the browser, “Chrome 102”, fixes a major bug, and 8 issues are classified as high risk, 9 as medium risk and 7 as low risk.

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Many flaws have been discovered by outside experts, who are looking for flaws in “Chrome” in exchange for a financial reward. This means that most security vulnerabilities can be detected before hackers become fully aware of them.

Google said that “access to bug details and links is restricted until the majority of users update it.” “We will also maintain restrictions if it is in the Big Third-Party Library on which other projects rely similarly, but it has not been fixed yet. We would also like to thank all the researchers. These security guards.” Who worked with us. Throughout the development, period to prevent security bugs from accessing the static channel. ”

In total, a total of 32 new vulnerabilities affecting the browser were discovered and fixed.

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This is an important and critical security update for all Chrome users of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. An update to the browser is also being introduced through the Android operating system. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with security, as Google has only mentioned “stability and performance” issues in the release announcement.

It is worth noting that the latest update “Chrome 102” brings a new set of minor fixes, including a feature that allows you to rearrange tabs in “Chrome” via keyboard shortcuts. Yes, and all you have to do is press Ctrl + Shift + Page up. Ctrl + Shift + fn + up / down arrow on “Windows”, and on MacOS.


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