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Google Online Harsassment Policy 2021 Introduced

Google Introduces New Policy Against Google Online Harassment Policy.

In this age of social media, defaming people with objectionable content has become commonplace, but Google will no longer allow that to happen.

There are also reports of extortion from people through the internet and sometimes people are blackmailed under the guise of slander through the internet.

Google has made changes to its policy, after which such cases will be banned.

Many websites provoke false complaints about alleged counterfeiters and perpetrators of sexual violence, after which people begin to form their opinions about a particular person through social media and other websites.

Due to numerous consecutive posts, it appears at the top of Google search. Then the real game begins and the victim is asked to recover thousands of dollars to remove him from office.

Google Online Harassment Policy

Google now intends to change its search algorithm to prevent hunter-gatherer websites from operating under domains from appearing in search results.

When a user complains of being slandered for deleting a post, they are then asked for money in return. In the recently concluded I / O, Google has unveiled a new technology to prevent online harassment, called the Multi-Task Unified Model (MUM).


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