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Google Paid Tools Will Be Free Via Gmail

Google announces free provisioning of its Google paid tools via Gmail

If you prefer Google’s Gmail service, the good news is that the company has announced a complete redesign.

According to Google, Gmail will be redesigned and a number of new tools will be added to it that will work with other tools of the company such as Google Docs and Sheets.

This is primarily part of Google’s plan to consolidate its Office Apps into a Gmail command center.

But instead of just targeting office workers, Google is adding these tools to the normal version of Gmail.

The biggest change in Gmail will be in the form of a new feature space in which different people will be able to work on a project together in real time.

This feature will allow people to chat with each other, exchange files and edit Google Docs without having to switch tabs.

The Google paid tools via Gmail have been available since last year to Google Workspace users who pay  USD 12 to 18 a month (Rs. 1870 to Rs)

The spaces feature was named Rooms in the Pad Service.

According to Google, bringing consumer and business products together also means that the company is also bringing together a customer base.

According to Google, more than 3 billion people use its productivity services, including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar.

The company is also adding a new feature to Google Mate called Campaign Mode.

Google has also announced a new subscription service for small companies that aims to give small businesses managing their business access to some of the company’s premium features using Gmail or Drive.


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