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Google Phone App Caller ID Feature Coming Soon

To help users control unwanted calls, the Google Phone app is preparing to introduce a caller ID announcement feature that will automatically call the name and number of incoming calls so that users do not have to view the number.

This new feature of Caller ID is undoubtedly a big addition that many people are eagerly waiting for.

Other OMMs have provided alternatives in this regard, but the Google Phone app is available on all Android devices and is a significant addition to the effort to become the default dialer on many Android phones.

To enable the new feature, users need to go to Settings and turn on the Caller ID Announcement feature in Google Phone.

The ‘Announcement Caller ID’ option is disabled by default but users can choose the ‘Always’ option.

This feature will help users to block unwanted numbers.

This feature of Google Phone can be even more useful when users are listening to music or audio.

In addition, this feature can be invaluable for the visually impaired. They will not have time to decide how important or unnecessary an incoming call is.

However, in terms of dialer feature, this step of Google phone is basic.

This isn’t a great addition to the Google Phone app, but it’s a significant addition.

To use this feature, users need to update the Google Phone app in the phone.

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