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Google Photos Ends Free Storage

Google Photos has announced the end of free storage.

It should be noted that Google Photos has been providing the facility of uploading unlimited photos and videos for many years.

But last year, the company announced the end of free storage in Google Photos.

However, the free storage of Google Photos will be phased out from June 1.

From June 1, any photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos will fill up the free 15 GB of storage that comes with the user’s Google Account.

In this regard, Google says that any photos and videos uploaded in the past will not be part of the account storage, but now whatever is uploaded will be part of the account storage space.

Users can see how much time their phone storage can be filled according to the company by going to the feature called guesstimate in the settings of Google Photos in their phones.

Because this storage can fill up faster, depending on how much you use your phone or device’s camera.

The question is, what if the storage is full?

In that case either the user will have to buy more storage in Google One Plan which will be available for at least Rs. 276 per month for at least 100 GB storage.

Or clean up old files from Google Drive and create more space.

Regarding the new policy, Google says that it can take at least 3 years for 80% of its users to fill up 15 GB of storage.

But Google says there are 20% who can fill it in a very short time.

Remember that the purpose of ending this free service is to meet the growing demand while providing the best storage experience for everyone.

It should be noted that Google is constantly introducing such features which are aimed at preventing the users of Google Photos from going elsewhere when the free service ends.


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