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Google PlayStore Apps Are Decreasing

Year after year, the number of mobile apps available on the Google Play Store has been steadily declining. This is mainly due to Google’s desire to crack down on publishers who violate the App Store Terms of Service.

Despite a 26% drop in the total number of applications, the Play Store is number one in its category and wants to reassure its customers.

Penalize Play Store policy violations

These new statistics were found through an analysis conducted by the TradingPlatforms site. We specifically learn that between March 2018 and March 2022, the number of applications available on the Google Play Store increased from approximately 3.6 million to 2.5 million. The deadline is due to Google’s ongoing efforts to protect its users from apps that violate its security and privacy policies.

Developers must first and foremost respect the rules regarding users’ personal data. They emphasize transparency in how apps interact with user data. Requirements are high for applications that handle sensitive and confidential information.

Since 2015, Google has combined human monitoring and artificial intelligence tools to detect harmful or non-compliant apps. The store is primarily Google Play Protect. The system scans every program for threats and alerts Google authorities to intervene if needed. To facilitate monitoring, the software compares the features of groups and applications with similar features.

Number of apps available on the Google Play Store
Number of apps available on the Google Play Store

Where are the other blinds?

Even with a consequent contraction of one million apps, the Google Play Store remains the number one app store in the market. It is closely followed by the Apple App Store, deemed less flexible, which claims 2.3 million proposals. On its website, the firm speaks of “  tight control  ” and indicates that it relies on “  layers of protection  ” and measures to “  strictly control app access to user data  ”.

The study recalls that apart from these two giants, there are many other application stores, more or less legal. That of Amazon remains consistent with more than 500,000 applications available to its users. Recently, Chinese equivalents are growing rapidly (under US sanctions). The Tencent store thus houses some 44,000 applications.


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