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Google Promises Android Games on Windows in 2022

Google will officially bring Android games to Windows in the course of 2022. The transition will come through the official Play Games app for Windows , an app developed entirely by Google, without the collaboration of Microsofto or third parties, which will allow you to play Android titles on any device with Windows 10 or higher .

Let’s clarify that we are talking about local gaming , not cloud gaming: the Android titles will be installed on Windows, but it will also be possible to continue the game exactly from where you left it on your Android device or Chromebook, thus offering a solution of continuity between systems. different operational. This is because the game state (not the game itself) will be saved in the cloud, and from there synchronized between Android and Windows. 

So Greg Hartrell , Google’s product director for games on Android and Google Play, in a statement to The Verge :

Starting in 2022, gamers will be able to try their favorite Google Play games on multiple devices – switching between smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks and soon, Windows PCs in a completely transparent way. All of this will be done by Google, bringing the best of Google Play Games to more laptops and desktops, and we’re excited to expand our platform for gamers to enjoy their favorite Android games even more.

In short, Google’s move seems a quick response to that of Microsoft, which with Windows 11 will make ( a selection of ) Android apps and games compatible with Windows, as long as they go through the Amazon App Store . Google probably did not want Microsoft to manage this step, and aware of the fact that what could appeal to users most are games, it has seen fit to develop its own method to bring them all to Windows, without any conditions whatsoever.

In all this fits BlueStacks , which for years has offered its solution to play Android titles on Windows, and which is already a step forward, having also brought them to browsers via cloud gaming . Precisely for this reason we do not believe that that of Google will be a real revolution , after all alternative methods already existed, but rather than leaving all the credit to Microsoft it is better to embark on such a project. We are happy to be proved wrong by the facts, but to find out we will have to wait for an unspecified moment next year.

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